3Dtracking remains hard at work as transport and management of goods remains an essential service during the global lockdown.  For others in the fleet management industry, this is a great opportunity to learn how the 3Dtracking platform can help your clients to drive efficiency and manage costs.

Now more than ever, businesses need innovative and cost-effective ways of transporting goods and managing fleets.  As businesses evolve and pivot their offerings, it will be important to be able to offer an array of solutions to meet their needs, as well as offer innovative and relevant solutions to new clients.

As always, the 3Dtracking team is available with any training or technical support needs.  Should you wish to arrange a 1-on-1 training session on any aspect of our platform, please contact our account managers now. Our team is available to work with you in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.

Here are some of the highlights of 3Dtracking’s extensive capabilities:

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking and management is critical in providing users with insight into how their assets are being utilized, and what actions need to be taken to keep assets functioning optimally, without the guesswork. 3Dtracking works with top hardware manufacturers to deliver:

  • Ongoing monitoring for vehicles pulling goods trailers with specific data needs such as temperature, light level and humidity
  • Device data that provides evidence of any potential tampering, damage or theft
  • Monitoring of trailers, heavy equipment and containers
  • Recommendations on the right GPS devices to use to track items

Driver Behaviour

Driver behavior is a core capability and ensures businesses are able to rate drivers and correct any non-compliant driving behaviour. 3Dtracking goes beyond the basics to offer:

  • Monitoring of aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, over-speeding, idling, rapid turning and accidents
  • Specialised algorithms that provide each driver with a rating out of 100% for every trip
  • Reports and dashboard graphs to highlight driver performance, including driver comparisons and identification of drivers requiring additional training

Driver behaviour impacts your vehicle's lifespan, insurance, mantenance and the safety of all road users. In this video we show you how you can monitor and react to poor driver behaviour with our real time tracking tools and alert functions.

Fuel Management

Optimal fuel management is achieved through real-time monitoring. 3Dtracking’s fuel management system helps to optimise fuel usage and promote better driving habits through:

  • Monitoring fuel in real time, including fuel levels, detection of tank refilling or draining, and fuel usage
  • Integration of various fuel-measuring technologies, ranging from analog fuel sensors to CAN bus/OBD solutions
  • A user-friendly and downloadable graphic presentation of fuel use for each trip
  • Reports and graphs detailing fuel usage at an individual or fleet level

This video highlights the various features that 3Dtracking offering in relation to Fuel Management, such as real-time monitoring, the ability to view fuel consumption - fuel levels and fuel used in real-time (as graphics or in the form of a report), fuel management alerts and reporting.

CAN bus / OBD Monitoring

Through the integration of CAN bus/OBD compatible devices produced by many of the world’s leading hardware manufacturers, 3Dtracking is able to present CAN bus/OBD data across the platform to give your clients flexibility to:

  • Support proactive vehicle maintenance by ensuring engines are running well
  • Measure fuel levels and usage, RPM, travel distance, engine load, oil temperature, as well as a range of other supported parameters
  • Receive real-time warnings when any CAN bus/OBD parameter reports outside it’s optimal range

Dispatch / Scheduling

The dispatch module allows you to capture all your customers and their location which you can view in one place. 3Dtracking’s dispatch system automatically matches vehicles to the stops required, in the most efficient manner to deliver:

  • The best possible route, with a map preview
  • Full views of the route and stops for each vehicle over time
  • Alerts to manage early or late starts to inform recipients in time

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring helps to improve driver adherence and behaviour through the use of multi-camera MDVR units that record video clips on pre-defined events, and then transmit those video’s to the 3Dtracking platform for easy viewing. 3Dtracking and Howen Technologies deliver an enhanced video monitoring solution that supports:

  • Detailed event reporting and driver monitoring
  • A 360-degree view of every driver
  • Video evidence requirements in dispute cases
  • Insights into operational inefficiencies

Call Centre / Monitoring Centre

The 3Dtracking call centre / monitoring centre feature enables a user to view and manage events and alerts across multiple customer accounts, all through one single view. Used by a TSP or third-party support company, the call centre enables users to:

  • Perform multiple tasks across clients, including receiving alerts and running reports
  • Wide view of all accounts with rapid alert notification at all times
  • Record all action items across multiple clients

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